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February 4, 2019


Julia Ager, Founder and President, Sapphire Strategies


Veteran Democratic Operative Launches Digital Firm: Sapphire Strategies

Washington, D.C. - Veteran Democratic operative Julia Ager is launching a cutting edge digital agency, Sapphire Strategies, specializing in digital advertising, fundraising, and social media for campaigns and progressive organizations.


Ager has raised over $250M online for Democrats during her career. As Chief Digital Officer at the DCCC in the 2018 midterm elections, she raised over $110M online with an average gift of just $19 to fund Democrats’ historic House takeover. She built the DCCC’s digital advertising and creative operations from the ground up, running a multi-million-dollar digital voter turnout program that helped House Democrats outperform the national average and gain the most House seats in a generation. Her historic digital campaigns team enabled House campaigns to raise an unprecedented amount of money online.


Sapphire Strategies is 100% woman-owned and 100% women-powered. Julia’s Sapphire Strategies team includes the best digital organizers in the business, tapping into the talent that won the House in 2018. Shereen Ahmad, who ran the DCCC’s social media operations, is joining as Director of Digital Strategy. Juliana Dolcimascolo, who oversaw millions in digital ads, is joining as Director of Digital Advertising.


Sapphire Strategies will help Democratic campaigns and progressive organizations win with forward-thinking, individualized digital campaigns.


Ager shared, “In a modern campaign, it’s never been more important to integrate digital strategy into media, fundraising, and communications. I’m excited to help campaigns and organizations develop winning, cutting edge digital programs.”


Dan Sena, the 2018 Executive Director at the DCCC, added that “Julia Ager is the best digital mind in the business. She and her team are smart and innovative. At the DCCC, they gave us the resources to run a modern campaign and helped us rewrite the playbook on how to win.”

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